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  Jaffa’s Crumbs:Exhibition at King's College,London 16 May 2014

Jaffa’s Crumbs
Gil Mualem Doron @ The Gallery - The Anatomy Museum,   London
King’s College, The Strand WC2R 2LS
16.05.2014 10:30-15:30
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The exhibition “Jaffa’s Crumbs” commemorates the Palestinian Nakba. In particular, it deals with the left over spaces and memories of the Jaffa-city that used to be the cultural and commercial centre of Palestine. Living currently in a place in which Jaffa, to most of the people means a kind of a 
cake or an orange, Mualem Doron, brings a bitter taste to the story.  The city has been scarred as a result of the 1948 war, Israel's ban on the return of almost 100,000 of the city’s Palestinian population, and the confiscation of these people’s property. It was downgraded from a capital of a district of surrounding villages to a poor neighbourhood of Tel Aviv.  Some of the works also deal with the current gentrification and racist politics that are threatening to squeeze out the poorer remaining Arab population. The exhibition comprises  a room installation, sculptures and short video films. 

The exhibition is supported by the Chinese Visual Festival and the Gallery project. 

Works in the exhibition:
1.Sand Pits (or 8/678) (2014): An installation depicts the eradication of the eight Palestinian villages of Jaffa district that existed where Tel Aviv City is today. It includes eight 10x100cm wood poles, into which a diorama cube is inserted. The polls are inspired by marking posts for trails of significant sites. However, whilst there the posts are grounded, here they are uprooted and suspended in the air. The dioramas portray a person standing on a broken painted floor tile, such as the ones that were common in Jaffa in the beginning of the 20th century, looking at a white mark, painted in tipex. The white marks resembles the layout of the Palestinian villages. The tiles are partially buried in sand dunes and to be able to expose the white mark one needs to tip the pole.    
2. X/1151948 (2014): Series of 10cmx10cm dioramas that depict the on-going Palestinian Nakba from the 1948 war and exile to the continuing sale of their property, which was confiscated by the state, to private buyers. The work can also be read as portraying the two fold axis of expulsion of Palestinians in Israel and in the occupied territories: by real estate and by state / military / legal force. 

3. The Path of Orange Peels (2012), created in collaboration with “Hahla Binat”, a Palestinian women’s group at the Jaffa Arab Jewish Community Centre. The work is composed of images printed on orange peels and encapsulated in resin.
4. ‘Jaffa’s Story (and Chubeza)’ (2010) a short film musing about the untold story of Jaffa.
5. ‘Rosetta’ (2013) a documentary art film depicting a walking performance by Maram Atouleh, a young Palestinian teenager, with a soundtrack that includes Mahmoud Darwish's reading of his poem The Murdered House. The film, commissioned by the Zochrot organisation, is screened as part of the the black bock installation.

Gil Mualem Doron is an artist and educator in art and architecture.  For four years he headed the Community Architecture Studio (Jaffa) and worked as a community artist with Palestinian, Ethiopian and other marginalized groups in Israel. Most of his work is socially and politically engaged and often done collaboratively.  He uses various media such as drawings, photography, sculpture and installation and performance art. Whilst much of his work has been displayed in informal settings, he has exhibited at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London, EAST66 centre for urban culture, Amsterdam, The Children and Sport Museum in Cologne, Germany, and had a retrospective exhibition in which he collaborated with other Palestinian artists at the Architect’s House (Jaffa). His work was covered in international art journals, books and newspapers. Currently in London, he is completing an artist’s book about his work and a Ph.D.    

 More images can be view here: <>   Please send email or call for high res. images and interview and tours: Gil 07858717847