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Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine
UK architects, planners and other construction industry professionals campaigning for a just peace in Israel/Palestine.


URGENT ACTION: Protest against Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, Monday 22nd March, 5pm, London   Chatham House 

URGENT ACTION: Protest against Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, Monday 22nd March, 5pm, London   Chatham House (10 St James's Square, London SW1Y 4LE).

Come along and protest against the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from East Jerusalem!

Organised by: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine,  Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Friends of Al Aqsa; Friends of Lebanon, Friends of Sabeel UK, , Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine, Britain Palestine Twinning Network.
PSC Weekly update March 19th 2010 

Jerusalem situational update:

The situation for Palestinians is worsening every day. For five days and in the context of the opening of the Hurva Synagogue in the Jewish quarter, the Old City has been turned into a city under siege. Israeli authorities have maintained a heavy military and police presence.

Since Friday, a closure was imposed on the West Bank, banning the entry of West Bank permit holders into occupied East Jerusalem. Men under 50 years of age have also been prohibited from entering Al Aqsa Mosque compound. Demonstrations were reported throughout the city, while clashes were especially concentrated in the Old City, Eisawiya, Shu'fat Camp, Wadi Al Joz, Qalandiya checkpoint.

The confrontations in Jerusalem are the result of a number of recent factors including plans for 1,600 new homes in Occupied East Jerusalem whilst denying Palestinians permission to do the same - and making the possibility of East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state less real.

For up-to date information and analysis about the situation, visit Maan News and Palestine Monitor.

NEWS: Quartet blasts Israel over East Jerusalem settlements

          Tensions run high in al-Quds, protests expected


URGENT ACTION: Protest against Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, Monday 22nd March, 5pm, London

Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem behind the announcement of 1,600 new settlement units in East Jerusalem, will be visiting London early next week.  A total of 50,000 housing units have planned in the coming years - doubling the settler population - and reducing the Palestinian population to a third. Israel's plans to restore Hurva synagogue a few hundred meters from Al-Aqsa mosque has led to clashes over the last few days - men under 50 have been refused entry into Al-Aqsa since Friday. Israel has deployed some 3,000 security forces across the city.

He will be speaking at Chatham House Organised by: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Friends of Al Aqsa; Friends of Lebanon, Friends of Sabeel UK, Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine, Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine, Britain Palestine Twinning Network.

You can let Chatham House know what you think about their recent briefing ‘Jerusalem: the Cost of Failure' and the event by ringing 020 7957 5700 or emailing:

EAPPI video: the housing crisis in East Jerusalem

Emergency meeting on Jerusalem - next Tuesday in Parliament

PSC are supporting Friends of Al-Aqsa's emergency meeting on the situation in Jerusalem, next Tuesday 23rd March 19.45-21.00 in the House of Commons.

Speakers include: Karen Abu Zayd Former commissioner UNRWA; Tony Benn; Sir Gerald Kaufman MP; Martin Linton MP; Phyllis Starkey MP and others.

To register for the event email your name and contact details to



Campaign to end the involvement of Irish firm CRH in the Aparthied Wall

This is a call to all people in Ireland to support the human rights of the Palestinian people by calling on CRH to divest from Israel.

Thank you for visiting the IPSC's CRH: Stop Your Involvement in the Apartheid Wall campaign website - we hope you will take action on this vitally important issue. The first actions you can take are to familiarise yourself with the campaign, and then sign the online petition by clicking here. For other ways to get involved in a more hands-on manner, please see the 'What You Can Do' section of the campaign site. For in depth information about the campaign, please read on...


Join the CRH Campaign Maling List - Click Here
Please take the time to sign the IPSC's online petition calling for CRH to divest from the Israeli Mashav Group, and thereby ending their complicity in the construction of the Apartheid Wall and illegal colonial settlements and mining operations in the occuiped West Bank.

Campaign News
[Adi Ben-Israel, Globes Israel - 28.12.09] IDB Holding Corp. Ltd has cancelled its acquisition of cement company Hanson Israel Ltd. The acquisition was to have been made through IDB unit Clal Industries and Investments Ltd. subsidiary Mashav Initiative and Development Ltd., which owns 75% of Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises Ltd...

[Shir Herver, Alternative News - 25.11.09] On 14 November, hundreds gathered in Dublin, Ireland for a demonstration against the CRH Irish construction company. The demonstration was organized by the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)...

[Adri Nieuwhof, Electronic Intifada - 18.08.09] A recent acquisition by the Israeli subsidiary of brick and mortar giant Irish CRH has placed the European conglomerate under increased pressure from Palestine solidarity activists. Irish CRH, formerly known as Cement Roadstone Holding, owns 25 percent of the Mashav Group, an Israeli construction firm...

[Claudia Saba, Socialist Worker - 12.10.09] The company’s products are being used in the construction of the light rail project in Jerusalem - an apartheid public transport system which connects Israeli settlement neighbourhoods with the city centre while cutting off Palestinian neighbourhoods from each other...


About the CRH Divestment Campaign

The aim of this campaign is to convince CRH to cease its involvement with the illegal occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people by divesting from the Mashav Group, an Israeli construction company.

This campaign will:
  • raise public awareness about the effects of the illegal occupation of Palestine and its impact on the Palestinian people, and;
  • encourage Irish state, financial, educational and church organisations to put pressure on Israel to end discrimination against the Palestinian people and bring an end to the ongoing expulsion from their homes and land, and;
  • demand that CRH support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights within their sphere of influence and to make sure they are not complicit in human rights abuses by divesting from Mashav and its operations in the occupied territories of Palestine

CRH plc: Tear Down The Wall - A short film about the IPSC's CRH Divestment Campaign

Background to CRH and the illegal apartheid wall

2001 CRH Europe Materials Division acquired a 25% shareholding in the Israeli group Mashav Initiating and Development Ltd. Mashav is the holding company for Nesher Cement which is the sole Israeli cement company. It is reported that Nesher produces approximately 85% of all cement sold in Israel.

2002 The apartheid separation wall commenced construction.

2004 Under questioning from Amnesty International, CRH accepted that “in all probability” Nesher cement is being used in the construction of the wall. The ICJ begin its investigation.

2004 The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that the wall is illegal as they consider it to be an attempt by Israel to annexe Palestinian territory contrary to International Law and that it constitutes an interference with the right of Palestinians to self determination.

Following the ruling the UN General assembly voted overwhelmingly in support of the advisory opinion by 150:6. Israel continues to ignore the ruling and world opinion as does CRH plc.

2010 CRH continue to profit from the rapid expansion of the colonial settlements (pop currently 450,000) which are illegal under Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and UN Resolutions 446, 452 and 465. The UN Global Compact states that ‘businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights within their sphere of influence’.

The wall is currently 450km long. Its planned route will be 711km, twice the length of the 1967 line. It is predominantly (82%) built in 1967 occupied Palestinian territory. So far it has annexed 10% of Palestinian territory.


Help end the Water Crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Copyright Amnesty International and Angela Godfrey-Goldstein 

Thousands of Palestinian men, women and children are being denied access to the water they need by the Israeli authorities.

Unable to grow crops or feed their herds, Palestinian villagers are struggling to survive. In many areas, access to water is so severely restricted that they can't even grow small amounts of food to feed their families. It's a life-threatening situation.

Israeli troops have destroyed rainwater cisterns and frequently confiscate water tankers, tractors and trailers used by Palestinians attempting to collect water from further away.

By denying Palestinians water, the Israeli authorities are denying them life.

'Why must they destroy the little we have? What harm have we done by cultivating this small bit of land, so that we can feed our children? ... Why so much cruelty to human beings, to the land, to nature?' Samar Da'ish, a farmer's wife.

Amnesty is committed to ending the illegal and discriminatory policy that is threatening so many lives.

Please make a donation to our campaign today. Help fund our lobbying of the Israeli authorities and our vital work monitoring and gathering evidence of the ongoing human rights abuses alongside local communities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Help end the discrimination. Everybody has a right to water. 


CALL TO ACTION -Save Oush Graib from the IDF and Settlers

28.02.2010 Kairos and Playground for Palestine CALL TO ACTION

Oush Grab Diary

In cooperation with the aic.jpg

28.02.2010 Kairos and Playground for Palestine CALL TO ACTION

Playground for Palestine is sending out this CALL TO ACTION to alert our supporters about a troubling development in the Oush Grab Peace Park, the site designated for a 2010 PfP playground installation.

The Israeli military is trying to implement a decision to confiscate community and privately held property belonging to the community and families in the Palestinian Christian town of Beit Sahour.

Included in this swath of land is the treasured Peace Park, which serves as a community space, park and recreational facility where Palestinian families gather daily and was to be the site of one of PfP’s next playgrounds.

We ask you to call and write to Israeli officials in order to protest this action, call upon them to stop the construction of the watchtower, prevent settlers from attacking the park, and cease any idea of building a settlement in the site.

Follow the link and enter zip for to contact local congressmen -
Call the Israeli ambassador 202 364 5500 or email
Email the Consulate General of the US, Jerusalem -
Call the Israeli consulate in Philly 215 977 7600
Contact the Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Near East Affairs - Jeffrey D Feltman 202 647 7209
Injustice in Beit Sahour
A Statement by Kairos Palestine

(Jerusalem 20.03.2010) As described by town residents, Ha’aretz,Ma’an News, and other sources in recent days, Israeli soldiers and bulldozers arrived on February 10 at a family recreation park in Beit Sahour – a town slightly east of Bethlehem in the West Bank, and the site of the former army base Osh Grab, which was abandoned by the IDF in 2006 – and declared it a closed military zone.

KAIROS Palestine condemns this action and calls upon churches worldwide to advocate for the Christians and all residents of Beit Sahour and intervene in the damage, present and projected, wrought upon their home.

Please join KAIROS Palestine in condemning these oppressive actions in Beit Sahour and working to restore the justice that is both our calling and our right.

We ask you to call and write to Israeli officials in order to protest this action, call upon them to stop the construction of the watchtower, prevent settlers from attacking the park, and cease any idea of building a settlement in the site.

Please make appeals to:

[Ehud Barak] Minister of Defense, Ministry of Defense,
37 Kaplan Street, Hakirya, Tel Aviv 61909, Israel
Fax: +972 3 691 6940
Salutation: Dear Minister

Israeli Ambassador in your respective country

Copy to the:

Mayor of Beit Sahour
Kairos Palestine:

KAIROS Palestine is a group of Palestinian Christians who authored “A Moment of Truth” – Christian Palestinian’s word to the world about the occupation of Palestine, an expression of hope and faith in God, and a call for solidarity in ending over six decades of oppression – and published it in 2009.

From our board member, Nathan Dannison, more information at –

Here is a great background video re: the site:
and more background information from decolonizing architecture:

Here’s two articles regarding my non-violent protest and its result:

Here are some photographs of the event: (scroll forward to see more)

Here are my relevant blog entries:

Here is some troubling information regarding the current state of affairs:

Also –

Photos of popular resistance including tearing down the apartheid fences in Bilin

Beit Sahour: a new struggle by Ben White - 21 February 2010 11:49, The Newstatesman



GAZA FREEDOM MARCH - December 2009 - January 2010

Breaking the Siege of Gaza

Statement of Purpose and Principles

Endorse the Gaza Freedom March! To sign the Pledge click here!

This is the official “call” for the Gaza Freedom March. Any other version is not authorized or correct.


Israel’s blockade of Gaza is a flagrant violation of international law that has led to mass suffering. The U.S., the European Union, and the rest of the international community are complicit.

The law is clear. The conscience of humankind is shocked. Yet, the siege of Gaza continues. It is time for us to take action! On Dec. 31, we will end the year by marching alongside the Palestinian people of Gaza in a non-violent demonstration that breaches the illegal blockade.

Our purpose in this March is lifting the siege on Gaza. We demand that Israel end the blockade. We also call upon Egypt to open Gaza’s Rafah border. Palestinians must have freedom to travel for study, work, and much-needed medical treatment and to receive visitors from abroad.

As an international coalition we are not in a position to advocate a specific political solution to this conflict. Yet our faith in our common humanity leads us to call on all parties to respect and uphold international law and fundamental human rights to bring an end to the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian territories since 1967 and pursue a just and lasting peace.

The march can only succeed if it arouses the conscience of humanity.

Please join us.

The International Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza
For more information, please see the Statement of Context

For a list of endorsers, please click here.

Amnesty International has called the blockade of Gaza a “form of collective punishment of the entire population of Gaza, a flagrant violation of Israel’s obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

Human Rights Watch has called the blockade a “serious violation of international law.”

Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter has said the people of Gaza are being treated “like animals,” and has called for “ending of the siege of Gaza” that is depriving “one and a half million people of the necessities of life.”

One of the world’s leading authorities on Gaza, Sara Roy of Harvard University, has said that the consequence of the siege “is undeniably one of mass suffering, created largely by Israel, but with the active complicity of the international community, especially the U.S. and European Union.”

The law is clear. The conscience of humankind is shocked.  

Yet, the siege of Gaza continues.

The people of Gaza have exhorted the international community to move beyond words of condemnation.

It is time for us to take action!

The Long March toward Freedom

To mark the anniversary of Israel’s bloody 22-day assault on Gaza the International Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza will dispatch contingents from around the world to Gaza.

On January 1, 2010 we will march alongside the people of Gaza in a nonviolent demonstration that breaches the illegal blockade.

The march is inspired by decades of nonviolent Palestinian resistance from the mass popular uprising of the first intifada to the West Bank villagers currently resisting the land grab of Israel’s annexationist wall.

It draws inspiration from the international volunteers who have stood by Palestinian farmers harvesting their crops, from the crews on the vessels who have challenged the Gaza blockade by sea, and from the drivers of the convoys who have delivered humanitarian aid to Gaza.

It draws inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi called his movement Satyagraha-Hold on to the truth. We hold on to the truth that Israel’s siege of Gaza is illegal and inhuman.

Gandhi said that nonviolence requires more courage and is more effective than violence. We want to prove the truth of Gandhi’s beliefs with our deeds.

We are not afraid, we won’t turn back, we won’t let Gaza die.

Gandhi said that the purpose of nonviolent action is to “quicken” the conscience of humankind. We want to bring humankind not just to deplore Israeli brutality but actively to stop it.

Those of us residing in the United States also draw inspiration from our Civil Rights Movement.

If Israel devalues Palestinian life then-just as northern whites went down South during Freedom Summer-we must both interpose our bodies to shield Palestinians from Israeli brutality and bear personal witness to the inhumanity that Palestinians daily confront.

If Israel defies international law then-just as federal marshals were sent in to enforce the law of the land against racist southern sheriffs-we must send nonviolent marshals from around the world to enforce the law of the international community in Gaza.

We take no sides in internal Palestinian politics. We side only with international law and basic human decency.

We conceive this march as yet another link in the chain of nonviolent resistance to Israel’s flagrant disregard of international law.

The siege is illegal.

The wall is illegal.

The settlements and house demolitions are illegal.

The closures and curfews are illegal.

The roadblocks and checkpoints are illegal.

The detention and torture are illegal.

The truth is that if international law were enforced the occupation would be unsustainable.

The march can only succeed if it arouses the conscience of humanity.

If we join ranks with the people of Gaza in the march for freedom, and millions more around the world watch the march on the internet, we can breach the siege without a drop of blood being shed.

If the whole world is watching, Israel can’t stop us.

Please join us.

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