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Arrested Development: The Long Term Impact of the Separation Barrier

B'Tselem monthly newsletter
6 November 2012
This newsletter is devoted primarily to our newest report, Arrested Development. Ten years after construction began on Israel’s Separation Barrier, the report examines its long term implications for the Palestinians on whose land it was built. All along the route, which is located almost entirely inside the West Bank, the barrier isolates communities from each other and separates farmers from their fields, threatening the viability of communities and preventing economic development.

We are also distributing three visual representations of the main messages of the report. An interactive map illustrates four case studies; a short video puts a human face to the barrier's impact in one of these places, the town of Bir Nabala; and an animated short gives a lighthearted treatment to a serious subject: the devastating impact of the permit regime for farmers with land across the barrier. We hope you will share these materials widely, fostering much needed conversation about the damage wrought by the barrier.

 Attorney Yael Stein, Research Director


For the Full Report on Arrested Development:Download