About Us

Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine
UK architects, planners and other construction industry professionals campaigning for a just peace in Israel/Palestine.


What We Believe

We share the international condemnation of the continuing annexation and fragmentation of Palestinian land through the expansion of illegal settlements and outposts and the construction of the Separation Wall in defiance of international law.

We hold all design and construction professionals involved in projects that appropriate land and natural resources from Palestinian territory to be complicit in social, political and economic oppression, and to be in violation of their professional ethics.

What We Aim to Do

APJP seeks to raise awareness in the planning, design and construction industries of how these professions are central to the occupation of Palestinian land and to the erosion of human rights.

We will act as a channel for the dissemination of news and information relating to the built and natural environment in Israel/Palestine, in particular highlighting ways in which planning, architecture and other construction disciplines are being used to promote an apartheid system of environmental control.

We will forge links with Israeli and Palestinian professionals and other solidarity groups committed to non-violent resistance to the Occupation and to the establishment of a just and lasting peace.


From the International Union of Architects' Charter:

Principle 2 - Obligations to the Public
"Architects have obligations to the public to embrace the spirit and letter of the laws governing their professional affairs, and should thoughtfully consider the social and environmental impact of their professional activities.

2.1 Standard: Architects shall respect and help conserve the systems of values and the natural and cultural heritage of the community in which they are creating architecture. They shall strive to improve the environment and the quality of the life and habitat within it in a sustainable manner, being fully mindful of the effect of their work on the widest interests of all those who may reasonably be expected to use or enjoy the product of their work."