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B'Tselem's annual report on human rights in the Occupied Territories  

We recently released BTselems annual report, which surveys a broad spectrum of human rights issues in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The military occupation and the settlements in the West Bank, and the continued isolation of the Gaza Strip are responsible for a broad range of human rights violations. As long as this reality continues, Palestinians will never be able to fully enjoy their rights.  We also recently released "Under the Guise of Legality, a comprehensive report on Israels manipulation of the West Bank land law in order to define vast tracts of land as state land. This report is particularly timely, given the Israeli government's efforts to relocate the Migron settlement outpost from private Palestinian land to state land. 

B'Tselem's annual report on human rights in the Occupied Territories

The annual report surveys the broad spectrum of issues regarding the Israeli authorities' human rights record in the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the past year, the 44th year of the Israeli occupation. An interactive version of the report is available online and was distributed through social media. The report documents a sharp increase in the number of uninvolved Palestinians killed by the Israeli security forces in the Gaza Strip in 2011. There was also an increase in the number of Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians, compared to 2010.