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The Water Crisis in the West Bank & Gaza - Amnesty Reports

Copyright Amnesty International and Angela Godfrey-Goldstein 

Thousands of Palestinian men, women and children are being denied access to the water they need by the Israeli authorities.

Unable to grow crops or feed their herds, Palestinian villagers are struggling to survive. In many areas, access to water is so severely restricted that they can't even grow small amounts of food to feed their families. It's a life-threatening situation.

Israeli troops have destroyed rainwater cisterns and frequently confiscate water tankers, tractors and trailers used by Palestinians attempting to collect water from further away.

By denying Palestinians water, the Israeli authorities are denying them life.

'Why must they destroy the little we have? What harm have we done by cultivating this small bit of land, so that we can feed our children? ... Why so much cruelty to human beings, to the land, to nature?' Samar Da'ish, a farmer's wife.

Amnesty is committed to ending the illegal and discriminatory policy that is threatening so many lives.

Please make a donation to our campaign today. Help fund our lobbying of the Israeli authorities and our vital work monitoring and gathering evidence of the ongoing human rights abuses alongside local communities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Help end the discrimination. Everybody has a right to water.