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Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine
UK architects, planners and other construction industry professionals campaigning for a just peace in Israel/Palestine.


Organised by the Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory (FAST)

Malkit Shoshan - FAST :

The Nakhba has continued right up to today and building on land, culture and nature of an already existing nation – as if it had been empty. The destruction of prior monuments and buildings is necessary for the domination of a new culture.

As well as in Israel , the total elimination and destruction of other nations in Europe continues – and these are also crimes against architecture and on the landscape as well. UNESCO’s aims have not been implemented in the history of Palestine .

Liftah is a ghost town. The former inhabitants are in exile. There are now attempts by Israel to turn it into an expensive Jewish neighbourhood. Lifta is one of the last possible monuments of Palestinian culture and heritage. The new suburb is to be 100 per cent for Jews, totally ethnically cleansed. It would be called Mei Naftuach, (mentioned twice in the bible – biblical stories are being used as tools for land confiscations) for the country’s wealthy people. The Palestinian past and Liftah’s refugees would be completely hidden. Liftah is one of more than 500 such villages which have been destroyed and built over. At present it is still there and not yet turned into a Jewish town.


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